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Everything you didn’t want

How can I be everything you didn’t want
All this good and so much bad
Left with what I feel like is rags
On the edge of sorrow
Knowing there’s sorrow in what could have been
Only to look back and ask why?!?

Why would I do all of this for something you didn’t want
My desires wrapped up in trash
I’m flawless as I am but too much in hand
You couldn’t hand-le it.

Somewhere now thinking you mismanaged it.
You did.
I’m everything you didn’t want but exactly what you needed.
Read in between but didn’t comprehend it.
My motion for your heart fell on rocks.
I was building a wall I couldn’t talk to.
My love…I guess it never moved you.

Your love…I guess it was everything I didn’t want.
I cry to help me understand it.
The burden of love I strapped on my back carried for months so you could just hand it back.
In the middle of all this,
I sit disgusted.
Wondering if everything you didn’t want someone will understand is crucial to survival.
The essence of living.
The essence of loving.
The pursuit of giving not choosing.
And at the end of disgust
Maybe someone will pick back up
Everything they need.

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