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Tag: social justice

What does liberation look like?

    It is by no surprise that once again another media storm has surfaced due to the filmed killing of a black man. This isn’t the first time and the murderof George Floyd has already been surpassed by several more. George Floyd begged and pleaded for his life while a police officer abused his authority and severed trust with his community. Personally, my trust has long been severed, and this video (that I did not watch) did nothing to bridge the chasm between me and my local police officer. While everyone discusses why “this time is different”, I come with…

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Before you take the streets. What is your morning practice? What do you get up in the morning and do? Do you read, do you take your time in the shower? Is it the coffee? Can I suggest a practice for us? I would advise everyone to incorporate a Mirror Protest (#MirrorProtest). With all the frustrations we are facing in our country (USA) its very easy to let our pessimism show. It’s easy to dog someone, or share that meme that is derogatory, or express your ‘true’ feelings at the water cooler. An important part of this #MirrorProtest is believing…

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