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If you loved me

This Black History Month’s Poetry Submission. If you loved me you’d make me pancakesnot the boxed ones either.Pancakes from scratchI’m not a morning person, but I would be if you love me. If you loved me you’d serve sausage on the sidenot Jimmy DeanBradley’s Famous Smoked SausageI’d never be a vegetarian if you love me. If you loved me you’d start making the grits before anything elsenot instant grits eitherThe ground corn that takes an hour to cook,I’ll buy real butter if you love me. If you loved me I’d wake up to coffee at my nosenot Maxwell house eitherCafe…

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I’m just wondering how you don’t want the redeemed work. The crucifixion pressed down shaken together overflowing truth. The I fixed it and made it into what it should be. The James 1:2 work. The tried and true work. All this time I thought the crucifixion was on purpose. That while we live in it, we aren’t it. That even though we did it, He cleansed it. That if Jesus touched it, that must Be it. That redeemed work. Not the honoray work. Not the, it’s a tradition that hasn’t been broken. Not the, it’s been passed down for centuries…

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