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Day 14 Challenge

Day 14’s challenge is all about how to be a tourist in your own city. Well…I don’t have to try hard here. I’m new in Bradenton, so I’m very much living an extended vacation. I’m taking each day a little bit at a time. Venturing to new restaurants, finding new stores to check out. Slowly getting involved in my local community. If I needed to take a different perspective on my location and get me excited about my community again the simplest way for me to do this is by talking to a stranger. I guarantee you will meet someone who…

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The Rome Church Tour

A chronicle of my journey during my three days in Rome, Italy alone, with no phone or camera. Since visiting the churches is my favorite part of Italy I decided to visit as many as I could in the time I had. And so it begins… Rome, Italy May 14, 2013 Today I visited churches: -First Santa Maria degli Angeli, the last architectural work of Michelangelo. -Second, I revisited Santa Maria Maggiore, which was more impressive than I cared to remember. It was also very busy dure to its location near Termini station. Not sure of the box on display…

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Really wanted to put up a post about the tragedy of nature that hit the state of Alabama last week.  Several tornadoes struck the state from as far south as Mobile to the Bama/Tennessee border, and completely across from Mississippi to Georgia. While my old home Tuscaloosa was severely hit, there are several small towns and cities that have not received attention from the press and in consequence do not have the help they need to recover from the damage.  This isn’t a plea to text Red Cross or to donate to FEMA, there is a time for that, this is a…

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