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Category: Health

My Daily Success Plan

Most “successful” people will tell you they didn’t just hit the lotto, they were dedicated everyday to the reach their goals. For the next fifteen days I’m joining several others in a blogging challenge to share insightful content about me and my blog, in efforts to¬†engage my audience. For me this challenge is about rededicating myself to sharing my thoughts on a consistent basis. And with this challenge I’m aiming to refine my writing style. You are never going to get to the destination without taking a journey. The first day of our challenge is all about sharing your daily…

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My Journey to Natural Health

It all started way back when in college when my roommate and I were out at one of our favorite chill spots in Tuscaloosa. Just another day ordering what we thought was a regular lunch. Then we got our food and shockingly noticed everything we ordered had been breaded and dipped in a fryer. Yes everything, from the ‘sandwich’ to the sides to the fries. We both took a couple of bites then our minds got the best of us. Things had to change. That’s where it all started for me. I wasn’t overweight, I wasn’t out of shape, but…

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