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The Stories

As you know there are many stories from my time in Rio. So this will just be a train of thought post. I think my most memorable moment was going to Christ the Redeemer by myself and enjoying the sunset. I could have stayed up there for a very, very long time. It was my first look at Ipanema and the city from afar. It really gave me perspective on my whole trip. I could see it all in one glance. What a prayer to pray from up there. I visited the night of the opening ceremonies, so it wasn’t very…


The Loss

We can watch and rejoice over the Olympics but the truth is there are far more losers than winners. This is what has been eating away at me the last few days. So many people end their careers, seasons, and tournaments with losses. I’m mistified as to how I handled losses my entire basketball career.  Undoubtedly, my experience here with Rio 2016 has been unique. I served a role where I essentially became a part of the team, Team Canada. No, I wasn’t biased at all and my whole goal was to make them stress free and successful in navigating…

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Working with Greatness

Commentary from my time working at the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Today is my first ‘off’ day and my first opportunity to actually watch an event. Yes, all this week I haven’t seen much except Team Canada versus [__].  So today I’m excited, mostly just because I can wear something outside of a yellow polo. ‘On the other side of things’ is what I would like to share with you. Since the opening ceremonies, you have been inundated in great story lines, medal counts and amazing performances. On the other side, workers and volunteers have been…

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Commentary from my time working at the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Yesterday was like being a kid all over again. It was like the first basketball game I’ve ever been to and then all of the games I’ve been to put together. Though I was able to sleep the night before, I was nervous and excited for Team Canada. I think the first couple of minutes of the game they were able to get that nervous energy out and finally settle in. They shot the ball extremely well and everyone on the team was able to contribute…

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Getting My Opportunity

Getting my opportunity Sometimes you just feel like you deserve something. And after the wait, I definitely felt deserving. The truth is I was thankful for my time at home and it would always stand as an example for me. It is always an option to move back home for the family. When I finally got my opportunity to interview for my first Division one coaching gig I was elated. By no means did I get there myself. I was advocated. I had people on my side working for me daily. One, in particular, was my head coach at the…

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Sound the Alarm

Before it all goes up in flames. Everyone can see the impending danger. Let’s just call it ahead of time. Let’s just save the WNBA now. Amidst all the jokes, stereotypes, and bad marketing efforts, executives have been trying to re-brand the league for years.  I have searched tirelessly for a solution myself.  From We Got Next to Basketball is Basketball, women’s basketball is still seeking to solidify its existance.  Let’s just stop the comparisons and focus on what the WNBA is now. A league consisting of 12 teams, that consist of 11 players, which are paid delicately for their…

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