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You can leave it on the table or leave it at the altar. It’s your choice. Your decisions, what you’ve cultivated, can be up for grabs or up for refinement. You can leave it to be discarded or recharged. Either way you did it. You live with where you left it.

So much in my life has been discarded. Left for ruin or left for who ever would pick it up. Maybe it wasn’t right that I left it there. Maybe there was potential in the work that had been done. But I let it go. Thinking that leaving it on the table would make me free. That it would allow me to move on to something else, that that work that had been done was useless.

But now I’m putting it on the altar. Time is running out. If God is to do anything it will be for His good. It will be for His glory. He will make beauty from ashes. The promise is this. I’ve walked hand in hand with the Creator so His hand has been in my work. There is a life giving undertone that makes me think twice. That challenges me too understand…

There is no table only an altar.

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