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pushed into a corner
you have 90degres which is only a quarter
of the puzzle, but somehow the last option
and we’re not even talking spheres.
Let me take you to a new dimension.
If fear is failure its only the beginning
a perpetual cycle never ending
getting a little closer to the beginning of that journey.
If we’re supposed to enjoy the journey when
we’re always making maps, what’s the path?
The road less traveled by has still had passengers
defined more so by what they are walking toward.
Let’s be real, ‘nothing new under the sun’ just means we’re operating on earth.
What a shallow dream.
Let’s be real, they tell you to dream big when our mental capacity is so small.
How can we fathom big when we are so small.
Realizing the world around us just keeps us contained
restrained to our very own small existence
where our minds are biologically limited
but we sell hope.
That outside of this box, outside of our minds, is an uncomprehesible God who nods at our very being.
The lifeforce that strives to tell us that we are outside of our being.
Simply described as aliens.

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