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Something to be seen

To awaken within
A history
A destination

You saw it,
You saw it right through me.
In love.

You knew I had something
A value
A blessing
I saw my past,
The pain and misstepping.

Who knew I had something to been seen.
My soul hid it there.
A treasure for only you to see.

In the end a blessing.

Your eyes penetrated my soul,
They noticed you saw something.
You stepped out of place,
And I stood there unaware of the pain you would heal.

I can’t imagine what it was when you saw it
But I know what it looks like now.
A divine encounter
A spirit led desire.

You saw me in my rawest state
How God formed me in with His hand
For you.
I was something to be seen for you.

The depths of my love now
Can be encountered by your gaze.
The other half of me awaits every day.
For the eyes that define me.

You stature like the David before Goliath
Knowing the truth behind the terror.
Having the bravery to conquer
What God had already claimed for you.

Forever grateful
For the eyes that see
What the spirit reveals.

(c) 2016

Published in Faith Poetry


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