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More than ever before

Clean & Clear, Noxema, & Purpose
all for the surface. That is
cleaning my face for someplace I have to go.

Sweats, bra, and shoes.
No socks needed.
That attitude’s depleted.

Foundation, mascara, lip gloss–must be poppin’,
but its like I’ll never finish shopping.

Hair, nails, and toes
All of a sudden I’ve booked shows,
with no one to go…with.

WITH seems to be the issue.
no pain on tissues,
no silent ‘I miss you’s”
Just ‘you’re with…?!’

Amazing, unbelievable, congratulations
I must be missing,
what they’re now wishing was their WITH.

Time, money, and clothes,
I know it’s not about those,
but seems to be what’s on show.

Classy, witty, and smart,
characteristics that have never been apart,
apart from the beauty that is within me.

Me, myself, and I,
No, I’ve never been shy,
to self-proclaim the glamour of me.
Actually its usually someone else that announces myself, but not WITH…anyone.

When, why, and how?
Cause I’m so much more beautiful now,
to be passed in a crowd,
and its all because of who I’m WITH.
Foundation, mascara, and lip gloss,
hair, nails, and toes,
time, money and clothes,
all to get amazing, unbelievable, congratulations for who I am WITH.

Father, Son, and Spirit
a relationship so clear it…shines right through me.
Just because I possess it and not just profess it
lends to the fact that I am not WITH…anyone.

But I’m more beautiful now than ever was before.
Like footprints in the sand,
it’s who I’m with.

Love, peace, and happiness,
All of my days are at their best,
not worried about the pre-stated stress,
but able to pass this ‘beauty’ test.
Just because of who I’m with.

(c) 2008

Published in Faith Personal Poetry


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