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So comfortable.

I’m sitting here listening to my usual rap playlist and Andy Mineo’s Uncomfortable comes on. There’s been a lot more conversation about social issues in media, and I think people have finally stopped caring if their opinions will offend anyone. We are vocal in our beliefs and opinions, holding them as gold. But what happens when we take a look at Andy’s lyrics in a societal setting. I mean he doesn’t make his music for Christians only.

Nobody told me you could die like this
Nobody told me you could die from bliss, yeah
Nobody told me, nobody told me
We never ever saw it comin’, no, no
Live it up, live it up
Nobody ever told us we could die like this
Live it up, live it up
Nobody ever told us, we never saw it comin’, no
Live it up, live it up
Nobody ever told us we could die like this
Live it up, live it up
Corrupted by the comfort we…

How much of life do we miss out on by just working our job, planning our annual vacation, and barbecuing on the holidays. Yet the self-help section in our bookstores and libraries are way too large. Andy dives deeper…

My own people owned people, but they don’t own that
They say racism dead, man our president is black
Two terms in the White House, that don’t mean jack
If we still believe our present ain’t affected by our past

The first step is confessing denial. ::If you said that first bar out loud, you are officially a rapper:: Andy is not telling us anything we don’t know already, black or white. Now he attacks our disillusionment…

First class with a coach bag, I forgot
When you start eatin’ you lose your hunger then grow fat
I apologize for Christians with pickets sayin’, “God hates fags”
I promise Jesus wouldn’t act like that
He said it’s hard for a rich man to get to heaven
When we feel like we don’t need God, then we forget Him
We tell ’em that, “If you don’t make me money or make me happy
Then I ain’t makin’ time for ya’, so make it snappy”
And I think lately you mistake me for a cabby
Cause this drive that I got put everybody in the backseat
So if you wanna live a comfortable life
Make sure you never love nobody, be selfish and never sacrifice

Hmm…it seems as if Andy is onto something. Our sacrifices are scarce. Just take a look at the last bar. In our disillusionment of life we have yet to take action on what really needs to be addressed. We’ll debate if taking a knee is right or wrong all day. That’s comfortable.

We got legal weed that’ll keep us high
‘Round the world other people die
Where on earth is my wi-fi?
Our stomachs full and our pockets fat
I need love, there’s a site for that
I had more when I had less

I think I got too comfortable, yeah
I think I got too comfortable

As he ends his assassination of our ‘comfortable’ lives and habits. Let’s remember that God has not called us to a life of comfort or out of the reigns of persecution. 2 Corinthians 4:7-10

Yeah, the song rides and Andy can rap, but let’s act on the message today.

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