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Enough to go around

As the games get closer to the end, lots more memories are unfolding. Times that we’ll remember for a lifetime and stories that will start to get old over the dinner table. This experience was a dream for me and so many others. Just like all the athletes that come here with different goals, there are different dreams being fulfilled. 

For some travelling to South America was the dream. For others competing in the finals is the dream. For others just getting a picture with their favorite athlete is the dream. For me, participation was the ultimate dream. I’m a realist, I knew I wouldn’t compete as a player, but I knew I could have the experience somewhere. With an event this big, there’s enough to go around.  

The stories from these games are filled with moments of a lifetime. Joseph Schooling beating Michael Phelps. Simone Manuel winning gold. All the athletes winning the first gold medal for their country.  If you can’t find inspiration here, you don’t have emotions. I am amazed at how many people are having an incredibly good time. Even the athletes who haven’t been successful are drawing more strength than ever.  It’s an amazing atmosphere, and even through the sad moments there is resolve, determination, and respect. 

It reminds me of the verses in Romans 8:29-30, nothing can separate of from the love of Christ. There are certain environments we will encounter where we cannot escape the influence they have on our lives for years to come. In these moments, my special moments right now, I can’t ignore or discount God’s presence everywhere I look. There’s enough of His love to go around.

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