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Commentary from my time working at the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Yesterday was like being a kid all over again. It was like the first basketball game I’ve ever been to and then all of the games I’ve been to put together. Though I was able to sleep the night before, I was nervous and excited for Team Canada. I think the first couple of minutes of the game they were able to get that nervous energy out and finally settle in. They shot the ball extremely well and everyone on the team was able to contribute points to the win. It was a great first game.

I was on the move making sure the little things were covered for the team. There have been a lot of transportation questions from everyone surrounding the games, but since I have been taking all forms of transport since I’ve been here, I am pretty helpful on that front. I received so many questions yesterday I felt like I was the only volunteer in the city. Presumably, most locals think I am Carioca (Brazilian from Rio), and approach me in full blown Portuguese that DuoLingo did not prepare me for. After so many questions yesterday I pretty much got a hang of what even my Portuguese friends were asking, LOL!

While there were plenty of blunders and incidents regarding the games yesterday, as a volunteer, I felt it necessary to go the extra mile for everyone who asked. I’m glad I appear approachable enough in the uniform for people to ask me questions. The first game was great, the first day of the Games was rough, but we have plenty more days of greatness to conquer!

Cristo Redentor

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