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On the way…

By popular demand I will blog my life over the next month. I’m not trying to be overbearing, just transparent. There have been a lot of days I’ve spent pondering about this dream trip and what it means to me. To finally come to the point of getting on the plane is priceless.

I have so many emotions funneling. The first is extreme gratitude for all of my family and friends who have helped me financially be able to afford the trip. They were God sent and Gracious donations. I do not mind being your representative. The second emotion would be mantle, or weight. I spoke about this at the beginning of the year… My word for the year was that God will pour out his love in this season and that we need to take up our mantle and relish where God has planted us. That we should love with more love than was bestowed to us. And this is my mantle. I have always been humble sharing the life and opportunities I have been afforded, seeing them as temporary, and truthfully that is not how God is using me in his kingdom. I am peculiar, chosen to do peculiar things by my willingness to go (no chains attached) where God has called me. It may look cool, but I am still facing the same challenges as everyone else. I have to represent those who are parents, leaders, and teachers who do not have the same opportunity or flexibility. It’s the maturity piece that has been added as of late.

At the airport.

The final emotion would be anxiety. It’s not all the bad emotion, but also some expectancy sprinkled in. As I face the “go” part currently, my empathy levels are high and I am seeing things with a clarity I have not experienced before. When I land in Rio my feet will be ready, my heart will be full, and my eyes will be open. 

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  1. Terri Reshard Terri Reshard

    Wonderful Love. Enjoy the journey and give your best.

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