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This week I went proclaiming my love on Facebook. I’m not a secretive person, but I left off my loves name and took the confessions route.

Ya’ll I’m in love…he’s 6’4, tall (dark), handsome and one of the kindest people I know, and yes I think about him everyday…‪#‎NatsInLove‬

Woke up smiling this morning…‪#‎NatsInLove‬…I think what’s crazy is that we’ve know each other forever but it wasn’t until we had a heart to heart conversation (tears were shed) that our relationship began to grow. It’s so easy to think that love is automatic sometimes, but we decided to take it slow, talk every week and learn about each other…being single you always want to feel wanted and I was amazed to learn that He actually prayed for me to come into his life. I am so blessed to have someone who truly looks out for me, labors with me, protects me and most of all loves me. I am forever grateful for his listening ear and this time we’ve spent seeing each other grow…#NatsInLove ‪#‎confessionsoflove‬

‪#‎NatsInLove‬ what I love best about him…well I guess I’ll just list them:
-he loves children
-he will sing for me, and play the guitar occasionally
-his deep voice, of course
-he’s a godly man
-there is not a moment that goes by where he isn’t helping someone else
-he’s a dancing machine
-he’s a family man and mama’s boy
-he can cook! (Amen!)
-he gives THE best advice
-he has expensive taste
-he’s adventurous
-AND he has a beard 😍 lol
#NatsInLove ‪#‎confessionsoflove‬

‪#‎TBT‬ ‪#‎NatsInLove‬…that one day when I was carrying every burden I could find and I called him randomly and just asked him to pray prayers I couldn’t mouth. He led me in spirit-filled prayer for almost an hour. By the end I couldn’t remember what the burden was, or why he had an entire hour to dedicate to that. I will never forget that. #NatsInLove ‪#‎ConfessionsofLove‬

I am so in love and would like to dedicate this post to a few more confessions.

  1. I’m in love with my brother Lloyd Reshard Jr. No we are not engaging in incest ::straight face::. I’m simply telling you that all the nice comments you all left me are still valid. Everything I wrote is true….HE IS COMPLETELY THAT AMAZING and I LOVE HIM.
  2. This was a random idea to show LJ some extra love for his birthday (today, May 29th), so every kind comment you all left, the old man is truly thankful for.
  3. Yes, that means I’m still single, but now you know why. LJ is pretty intimidating, he sees straight through all the scrubs and BS…its pretty much a sixth sense or something…He KNOWS me.
  4. No we didn’t always have a great relationship, I didn’t always have a listening ear. Our heart-to-heart didn’t happen that long ago, but ever since that day walking around Merritt Park, we decided ‘we all we got’ and started living like it. We brought up and burned our past hurts and focused on learning about each other and actually caring for each other. I have lived abundantly since that day because of our rekindled relationship, and I am so very thankful that a man (even if its my brother) can be transparent with me. Thank you, LJ I love you.
  5. After I did the first couple of posts, I figured most of you would become disenchanted and probably find me out, but I also realized that the more I confessed, the more truth I found within each post, the more justified I felt by leading you on. If you do not have strong relationships with your siblings, take this as a wake up call to reach out. Even if its just a text with “Hi. :)” Every post I wrote is true, and looking at it now makes me think I should have been dating my brother for the last 10 years instead of the last 2(or so)! ….or Maybe you aren’t the screwed up sibling like me, well guess what (!?!), you could be protecting your sister’s heart or encouraging your brothers.

If you made it past number one, kudos! I would like to close by saying #NatsInLove Happy 32nd Birthday to Lloyd Reshard Jr., I love you.

OAN: I’m allergic to his beard and Theron (my other brother) is probably trembling thinking about what I’m going to say about him next month.

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