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Last day of reflection

In everyone’s last days we seem to have our lives flash before our eyes. After 15 days of blogging, our last challenge is to reflect on our favorite challenge. If day 15 can be my favorite it is! And no, I’m not just happy that the blogging period is over…

Reflection is something I do a lot of. I may make some decisions on the fly, but I always reflect on what has influenced my decisions in the past. Reflection could be one of my core beliefs. I’m on that teetering line of looking too much into my past, but I feel as if there are still lessons I can learn. For the new year I have intentionally stopped reflecting so much and directed my focus to making the steps necessary for the things I want to do in life.

So I can honestly answer the last challenge by saying it is my favorite. I can look back and say I accomplished something, with people I don’t even know, for our greater good. Over the 15 days we have assessed our practices, inspired each other and focused on bettering ourselves one step at a time. Special thanks to the Suitcase Entrepreneur for inspiring us to do more.

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