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Day 14 Challenge

Day 14’s challenge is all about how to be a tourist in your own city. Well…I don’t have to try hard here. I’m new in Bradenton, so I’m very much living an extended vacation. I’m taking each day a little bit at a time. Venturing to new restaurants, finding new stores to check out. Slowly getting involved in my local community. If I needed to take a different perspective on my location and get me excited about my community again the simplest way for me to do this is by talking to a stranger. I guarantee you will meet someone who will connect you with something you haven’t experienced in your area.

This is the same concept for when I travel abroad. I talk with the locals and get a sense of what I need to explore– in their opinion. Just getting out and going to a bar to meet new faces is a great way to start. You can even go to your regular spots, just talk to different people. Crash a party, order someone a drink, or maybe shop in a different aisle. You will always run into something or someone you didn’t know about before. The real challenge is acting on the new connections you’ve made.

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