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Day 13 Challenge

Yes I am blogging on the birthday. Today has been a total blessing and encouragement to me in life right now. When I look at things that made me happy today, I want those things to continue the rest of the year.

So essentially I want people to bring me pastries, sing me happy birthday, take me out for lunch and dinner, buy me cupcakes, play pick up basketball, and celebrate others lifetime opportunities. That was today.

While I may not be able to tell so many people ‘thank you and I love you and how are you’, every normal day of my life, I can tell some people. I can be transparent with people about how thankful I am for them being in my life. The small gestures, the little happy birthdays, the nice notes on the cards. It really does change your day. I realize as I’ve lived this minimalist life that it is very easy to get isolated in your perspective.

Part of hearing from so many people today brought this to my attention. My realistic personality lends to me being narrow minded. Thankfully I feel as if there is a viable solution. Reading fiction. Looking back on times where I was most creative and open to new thought processes were the time I read fiction books. I think about how I have spilled my heart on ‘paper’ these last few months. Anyone that reads that material will know exactly how I think and what my perspective is.

I love to read, and I think its time to open up my collection.

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