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More of a minimalist

Day 12’s challenge is, “what can you give up to become more of a minimalist.” Since I have been living a minimalist lifestyle over the last three years, when its time to give up something it is usually an obvious choice. Stuff is usually at the top of that list. But these days I find myself very short on stuff! Outside of my laptop and my iPhones, I really don’t own anything valued over $100. I don’t have any stuff! Sure the things I do have carry sentimental value, but everything I have can easily be replaced.

So thinking of something to give up to live a more minimalist lifestyle is tough for me at this point. I would have to go with giving up a practice over a possession. Right now I could extend my focus a bit by using a URL blocker while I’m working on my computer, blogging or editing websites. This would keep my attention funneled and extra browsing limited. It clears my cloud, per se. If I take the perspective of my desired end result, it shows that there isn’t very far for me to be a true minimalist of possessions and event of clarity in my work-space. Why not get started now…

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