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After about a half year of writing my book its time to start wrapping things up. Which means I get to start rewriting it! A.K.A. Editing. The joys of editing. If there is one thing I can outsource and will outsource it is the editing of my book. There is not enough time for me to be creative and grammatically accurate. Obviously there is no need to take my editing off shore but I will not complete it in house. Friends are great, but for an autobiography not so much. So off to the Odesk I go, for a large learning experience. I’m prepared for this process and eager to start early. Even though I am publishing independently, there is still a publish date I would like to meet.

Writing this book is the first time I have really embraced the process of a task. It doesn’t happen over night and it is not something I wish to rush through. Once its out there, its out there and I desire to have my best foot forward. It’s not the same as my train-of-thought writing in these blog posts, it is a work of focus. Embracing and learning from this experience is actually what the book is all about.

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