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As we move into day 9 of the blog challenge. Natalie is encouraging us to share the one tool that will streamline your business. The one tool I can’t go without and that let’s me work on a high level it Google Drive. Collaboration is everything when you work with contractors and vendors. Google drive evens the playing field. We can collaborate real time. Make sure our edits are seen over phone calls, and work without extensive revisions and tons of word documents. I can access slide shows from the phone and even build presentations via Google drive apps. At this point if I didn’t have so many Google accounts I would happily be paying rent for my cloud space.

If you don’t see the benefits of using Google drive please let me know. I will be more than happy to give you a crash course of best practices. You may not know about all the additional apps and add-ons you can install and use with Google Drive that makes it even more efficient for your business. Honestly, in my writing I can’t think of how much better it can get. Fortunately, I have a couple Google business accounts and have not had to pay for storage, but when that day comes…I may be a little proud.

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