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The ONE Thing

The one thing that I would like to focus on this year is my writing. There are several things on my plate, but there is one thing I would like to accomplish this year and that would be writing my first book. That’s why this blog challenge is so important. I need to inspire myself to keep going an persevering even through writer’s block. If I could change my focus to write in the mornings that would be improvement. Maybe I will get there sometime this year and maybe I won’t, but I will be writing.

I’ve thought about having someone dictate the rest of book, but honestly I want to keep all expenses catered toward the editing and publishing.  Bringing my level of focus up and concentrating these fifteen days on building a habit should give me a simple foundation to build upon. Getting in front of the computer is not a problem, but maintaining my focus on what is at hand is. It seems like when I actually am in the flow of writing my mind it still working to fast. I start thinking about other things I want to write and then all of a sudden I am just thinking and not typing. Surely if I followed every nudge to write I would have about 10 word documents open by the time I finish 1000 words. I don’t think my active brain is the problem, I think it has more to do with my ability to articulate my thoughts. It seems to be more and more of a process to relay even the simplest messages and meanings these days.

We are on Day 7 and I think I will make it to Day 15. Let’s see change.

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