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My ideal business model…

…Would include revenue. 🙂 Seriously, if Day 6’s challenge is to share you ideal business revenue structure.

In this day and age I think residual online income is imperative. In my case, I would like to achieve this by product line, selling books to be exact. My other big revenue stream would ideally be my consulting services. This would include speaking engagements, as well as seminars.  When I look at my ideal life style and how I want to live, my business model has to reinforce that. For the amount of events I want to organize, attend, and facilitate, having a mobile business model is my highest priority. The only location dependent structure I desire to have is my online book store.

A business model is not the holy grail. You have to be open for opportunities that come your way. Your contacts often now several niches and markets you are not aware of and each can have its own method for  capturing revenue. The more you are open to technology, and the more patient you have with building business assets the better your business will grow. There are no lack of resources, strategies, or ways to make money!

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