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Productivity, My Way


Day number three of the blog challenge and Natalie is making sure to choose topics that are simple, just for me. Today had a tight squeeze on my free time but I wanted to share my number one productivity tool, rather than them all. This tool is allowing me to keep up with the blog challenge, minimize my stuff (beneficial for all minimalists), plan events, run my business, and stay in touch with family members. Any guesses of what amazing piece of technology is allowing me to do that?

The Cloud!

In 2012 I officially migrated all my documents, books, bills, budget, pictures, finances, to the cloud. Today in my apartment there are no loose paper or pens in sight, only a small ‘bookshelf’ for my a diary, my Bibles and a plant–no vision board, and no framed photos.  Everything that can live in virtual space for me does. This includes my business assets. It was quite a change for me, seeing as how I love books, but I love my light load more.

This lifestyle change didn’t truly strike me until I started working at IMG Academy. My boss asked if I needed any office materials and I looked around my desk (which was clear outside of my monitor and keyboard) and replied, “No.” Working in digital media doesn’t require me to have a filing cabinet or printouts on a daily basis. Everything I need to fulfill my job is an online asset.

That’s when it hit me. There are major advantages to leveraging the cloud. Now when I truly want to disconnect, all I have to do is close my Chromebook.  There’s is nothing else that will attach me to my work. Having my work in the cloud also encourages me to disconnect and realize there are other things in life besides managing web properties and brands. :::I also want to retain my sight when I’m past 40::: So I’m guessing you’re sensing my contentment with this.

I’ve resolved that if you are not using the cloud;

  1. You are wasting paper and killing trees, therefore not caring about our environment.
  2. You are working too hard.
  3. You don’t believe in good things.

Invest in some security and get rolling.

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