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Most Important Actions

If I had to pick some of my most important tasks for the next days, the blog challenge would definitely be on that list. There is no lack of things that need to be taken care of in my life, but my ability to see my work get finished is inspiration I need right now.

Sometimes you have to create what you want to be a part of.

That quote has stuck with me over the last ten years. The things I want to do in life and the goals I want to accomplish just don’t look like everyone else’s. My development is dependent on me! My time line for milestones in my life are much different than even my closest friends. So naturally, my listing of MIAs is very unique.

  1. Writing to inspire.
  2. Supporting my loved ones. (Currently one of my grandmother is in her last days and my mother needs extra support.)
  3. Attaining my drivers license. Which may seem very rather simple, but I’ve been ‘meaning to’ take a motorcycle driving course for years now.

And that’s my weekend. Keeping my MIAs very succinct and achievable. On Monday I come out much closer to where I want to be.

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