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If It Wasn’t For My Mom Challenge

Thanks to my brother for challenging my gratitude with this post today.

Reflecting on how important my mom is to me I felt the desire to list major things I remember my mother doing to shape me into the person I am today. Beyond the obvious (conception), I feel it is important for me to share how much of her I carry within me.

Soooooo, I decided to make this a reflecting challenge for today:
1. Write at least 12 things that your mom has instilled in you to make you the person you are today.
2. Tag your friends you want to participate and make your note public so your mom and friends can see your mother in you!
3. Do this before Mothers Day is over! 

Here’s mine:

1) I would have never experienced someone trusting ME with the truth, even when it hurt. She also showed me how to act once I heard it (whether or not I believed it).

2) I would not have washed so many dishes.

3) …being prayerful through adversity (as in our house burning down) and making our home wheelchair friendly when we remodeled, we would not have been able to take my Grandmother in before she passed. God is faithful, always look ahead.

4) …tearing up that twenty dollar bill in the car and telling us it was just paper, my worldview of value would be drastically different.

5) …making me serve in the church I would never have developed my spiritual giftings.

6) …driving us 45min to the library with her, in the middle of the night, to study for her MBA classes. I would not have made it through my MBA, I literally had no excuses. I mean really, she had three kids and a job. I remember her crying and telling me how one of the teachers put her paper on display in class of ‘how not to write…’. She worked her ass off for that degree.

7) …always blessing me when we separated, I would have never know to cover my loved ones as well.

8) …spending two hours setting up her bathroom in Armenia so I could take a shower on my visit, I would not appreciate every shower I get to take.

9) …always making up songs to praise the Lord, I would have never believed Christians were happy.

10) …teaching us how to tithe, I would still be living under a curse. Love God, Love People.

11) …really letting me make my own decisions, I might be more conflicted than I currently am (if that’s possible). But I can’t ever blame anything on my mother, LOL.

12) …driving semi-trucks around the USA, I wouldn’t understand that I need to continue to pursue my dreams. No matter how crazy my dreams may be, no matter how people value my dream, no matter what my family says, no matter what people are saying about me, and no matter how I am struggling to get there, you must continue to water the seed God put in your heart. It’s not easy but it’s necessary.

Thanks Mom.

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  1. Mom Mom

    You can tell that I was excited about you list, I will get name correct next time love.

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