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New Tattoo!

I’m thinking about a new tattoo…on my forehead…that says…

Looking for a hand up, not a hand out. Teach a man to fish!

Encouragement is always good, but correction with direction is preferred. What’s the point of blanket statements (like “I’m sure it will work out”)?!? That’s nice to say, but it’s also pointless.

When you work with purpose and passion the last thing you want to hear about your work is that, ‘I’m sure someone will buy that.’ How about ‘That would be great to market to a/b/c.’

New responses:
When you are completely uninterested

I don’t know anything about that, but I’m sure I know someone who can give you some more input send me an email with more information and I’ll forward it.

When the message is unclear but you understand

I see, you need to be much more direct about a/b/c

When the message is unclear and you do not understand

So what you are saying is…. Is that correct? Maybe you could rephrase that?

When the person is truly brilliant

You are awesome! What resources are you using to build your idea? Have you tried…?

It may be my personality but I cut through the small talk pretty quick. I believe in exhortation, encouraging others for the purpose of building them up. Have some direction in your conversation when it comes to a person’s life, work, family, or craft. Leave the small talk for sports and the latest movie.

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