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End of the Year Recap

I know its only November 14th but the holiday season is upon us! Usually I do my yearly recap more around Christmas but I have been inspired to write now. Especially since our family is having a White Christmas in Colorado this year. I really want to unplug when I go out west. This recap is also different in the sense of how I’m writing it. Usually I point out some of the main events, talk about how awesome they were, and tell about what I expect to happen in 2011. This time its different, A Lot different.

2010 really taught me several things. While the latter half of the year has been difficult for me, lessons on family, community, relationships have been in the forefront. This year I have been able to spend time with people who have taught me so much! As I start to think now of the people that have really made an impact on my life this year, I realize that I will have to make this a week long series, hope you’re ready!

First up, I spent the first day of the year with a special someone who has mirrored Gods love for me. John Homidas. John is my best friend, he cares about me soo much, and loves me more than I understand at times. It has been a rough year for our relationship, and its been conducted about 90% on the phone. The time apart has been difficult and seeing each other grow independently is at times has not been rewarding as it should be. Our relationship has taught me to have sooo much patience and that what God has put together only he can take apart. I’ve learned that I can’t control what someone wants for their life and that everyone is on their own separate journey with Christ. I look forward to us spending more time together over the holidays and our relationship growing closer Together in the next year.

Next up…tune in Monday!

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