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The First Step is Denial!

Being unemployed has been such a challenge. For me, just not having a schedule with a long list of to do items was the worst. Just drudging everyday by with reading and whatever else was the biggest challenge.  For me to focus the best I find I need a concentrated list of tasks coupled with motivation for the day. I also need real time results, which is very difficult with the work I’m currently doing. Now as my schedule is slowly being filled with upcoming projects, conferences, and working with these small businesses I’m sort of in denial about utilizing any of my calendars.

Having nothing really to put into my calendar for the past few months has really kept me down, but since I’ve wanted to keep myself involved in several activities, I’ve started filling it back up. Now I’m in denial about having to check my calendar before accepting to do something. There was a time where my Franklin Covey & Palm Pilot were in complete sync, but now it just seems unnecessary. But with everything I’ve thrown myself into these past few weeks and glancing at promises I have yet to fulfill, its finally time to shape up!

This is a good day. I spent most of it with my Google Calendar. Now its time for work and putting all of that in action! The next 11 steps are easy right… O_o

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