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Its about 5:30am and I am again on the road. I’ll get to that later, but my past week was filled with A LOT!

Work- yes I do work now, I haven’t written my salary yet, but that’s next week. I’m working for my parents. All of these small businesses over the years has made me a prime candidate for consulting. Hence I will be starting my own consulting business. It just seems natural now. Just putting small steps in place and making sure I have the capacity for more clients! There is already not enough time in the day…

Coaching- Seems pretty natural too, its almost game time! This past week was challenging as usual, but there were more bright spots, its getting apparent for some of the girls that they may not be getting as many minutes as they thought. Today they have a innersquad scrimmage that I’m going to miss but I’m looking forward to hearing how this is going to go.

Family- Has had it rough this week, we are all packed into the 525 headed down I95 for a funeral. After a tragic murder earlier this week, all the family support is helpful. Friends have had it rough this week too, and I’ve been called into intercessory prayer all week. Today will have its challenges…

As well as – Highlights – Last night was already fun with great convo from my aunt and uncle. I really do feel at home around family and it is the best hospitality ever. I’ve learned soo much about my family this week, its crazy! I mean crazy what I’ve learned, I have so much respect for my father, aunts, uncles, and my grandmother. Even though I never met her, it shows what kind of woman she was.

Finally, somehow I will be in my native city for another big gameday! Unfortunately I had No idea the FSU/Miami rivalry was this weekend! LoL I thought they moved it from Labor day to thanksgiving, but apparently not. Now I know its not going to be Tuscaloosa atmosphere, but none the less I find it funny to be around a game I used to love to watch. Hopefully my Canes will pull it out like they’re supposed to!

Times like these…I’m just thankful. I thank God for the things I do have, for the small joys he has put in my life, for the people and family that love me sO much and take care of me. I am So thankful. My attitude is slowly changing and I’m starting to embrace where God has me right now. Yeah its taken a couple months of resentment, but there is still a plan and His will that I am ready to fulfill.

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