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Roll Tide

So I’m typing my blog for the past two weeks in the car on the way home from Tuscaloosa. It was a great great great-great day tailgating and meeting up with my peoples. It was a good small dosage of the college football life. Unfortunately we did not find a place to stay for the night so I missed out on Day Star and watching the game at my spot Willhagens. I’m glad I convinced my mother to drive up with me though. Its pretty impressive, she even wore the Alabama jumpsuit. We ended getting some souvenirs for my grandmother and I got a nice houndstooth #13 cap.

As for the past two weeks, its been a pretty big flash. I’ve done some research for QuickLove and put together some tangible steps for the next few months. I also threw up a WordPress site to kick things off…still working on content there… I pretty much have decided to move forward with my own business. My mother signed me up for a women’s business networking day next Friday, and my father set up a Microsoft Sharepoint site that we will be using to collaborate on all of the marketing projects I have. So hopefully I can get some money under the table this week :).

On the non business side, we visited my grandmother yesterday and she’s doing very well. I’m glad there are several physical improvements if anything. She didn’t seem to be hallucinating either, but I think she may be pretty upset about being in the nursing home. Of course she’s still in the adjustment process so hopefully she warms up to the people there. The staff seems to be very nice, but in my opinion the building/rooms need some upgrades. I really love my grandmother and miss her at home even though it was a lot of work keeping things in line. I smile every time I think about her.

Coaching has been a lot of fun. This past week coach really allowed me to get some one on one time with the girls and I was able to step up and coach a little more in practice. I’m starting to realize that it is just as much a process for me learning how to coach each one of the girls as it is adjusting to Coach Harrington’s style. I really enjoy the girls, they crack me up, they’re special. It has been a slow process but I do think we will be ahead of someone, LOL. Friday started our first day of official practice so it will be a lot more intense next week as they prepare for their first scrimmage.

The job front is still about the same. I’m prepared, my clothes are still packed, I’m ready to work, I’m ready to move! Would love to go ahead and get on the west coast. I’m slowly getting more positive about my situation. Today a man prayed for me on the Crimson Ride on the way back to the car. He prayed that I would find a good job, that I WANT to do, with good pay, then he said Amen and I said AMEN too!! A Total stranger encouraged me soo much. That’s all for now folks, can’t wait to watch this game and get in my bed haha.

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