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Leaving Orlando

This week has been really great. The fourth is my favorite holiday, and of course my baby’s birthday (no coincidences with God involved). I really enjoyed it this year, firework in downtown Orlando and cooking out all day was about it. More importantly I was still able to enjoy this fourth like many other’s before I met John, with my family. My auntie Adele was in town along with her kids-my cousins- Telitra and Tyrice. It was nice getting to chill and play rock band, cook chicken, eat potatoe salad, and reminisce. And John enjoyed it too. Since we didn’t have a difinitive time set for the bbq we had people coming and going from 10am. It was nice to catch up and spend time with John’s cousins. Everyone seemed to just enjoy them selves…

The rest of the week was fine as well, I mostly took it easy while John was at work, but got plenty of time to continue working on my nonprofit QuickLove Inc. I finished applying for the EIN and now just need to send in the 1055 to get the 501c3 certification. Its amazing how much you can do in so little time… Starting your own business is so pain free now a days…running it on the other hand–LOL.

Restore was also a treasure as usual this week. Those kids are so heart warming, and the spirit of God just rests on the entire program. In such a bad neighborhood, those kids are almost untouched an able to see past their current circumstances to a future that their families aren’t encouraging. I really thank God for my time there and how those kids shaped my character. Its amazing what serving can do. I got to sit down and speak with the staff there and it was really refreshing just for them to see a volunteer come back. They really looked encouraged. I hope Restore can continue to get the funding they need to help these children. After such a brief stint in DC I can see the difference in the character of the Restore inner city children to the ones I encountered iin DC which had no sense of respect or discipline. ITS SCARY. I thank God for Restore and the impact its having on those few children.

DeVos was also intact. I swung by the office to speak with the professors and was able to catch up with Dr. Sutton and refocus my job search. Hopefully somethings will get kicking. It was nice to see the ’11 class in the office getting work done, especially when most didn’t have class anyways. We’re still on the grind! Shoutout to all the youngins in sales who had to make their own website. Hope that works out for you guys/gals, I think I will check them out for some more ideas for mine. I get enough hits but I’m not sure who’s lookin lol.

Welp boarding for PC, much love Orlando, until next time….(Which is probably Aug. 11 or so)

Proverbs 3:5,6
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