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Passover 2020

This is a collaborative post to my blog, spurned by a light-hearted conversation and a visual of me anointing my door post this Passover with Lysol. All jokes aside, there are many parallels in our world today to the world of Israel leaving Egypt. I’ve pulled our thoughts together here. You will find some direct quotes from my brother Lloyd and my dear friend Sophia. May God continue to be our deliverer and may we acknowledge, observe, and share the Passover tradition as Christ did leading up to Ressurection. Nathalie The majority of today’s world (that grew up outside of…

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What does liberation look like?

    It is by no surprise that once again another media storm has surfaced due to the filmed killing of a black man. This isn’t the first time and the murderof George Floyd has already been surpassed by several more. George Floyd begged and pleaded for his life while a police officer abused his authority and severed trust with his community. Personally, my trust has long been severed, and this video (that I did not watch) did nothing to bridge the chasm between me and my local police officer. While everyone discusses why “this time is different”, I come with…

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The Voyage

This year has started in roaring fashion. I feel as if I’d just blinked and opened my eyes to the top of the roller coaster. Granted there is A LOT left in store for 2020 but January has me peering over in fear of the dips, turns and curves of the rest of the ride.  I decided at the end of 2019 to take a much-needed self-care/birthday trip during January, knowing that all plans would be last minute. I have been suffering and made aware of my seasonal depression since 2012 but it has always seemed to catch me by…

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Everything you didn’t want

How can I be everything you didn’t want All this good and so much bad Left with what I feel like is rags On the edge of sorrow Knowing there’s sorrow in what could have been Only to look back and ask why?!? Why would I do all of this for something you didn’t want My desires wrapped up in trash I’m flawless as I am but too much in hand You couldn’t hand-le it. Somewhere now thinking you mismanaged it. You did. I’m everything you didn’t want but exactly what you needed. Read in between but didn’t comprehend it.…

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How I Celebrated Black History Month

It was about February 15th before I realized I hadn’t put any effort into celebrating Black History Month outside of reposting some memes. Honestly, it was an Instagram post I shared that made me realize I was coming up short. I’m no stranger to black history being a black woman in America. I am Nina Simone’s mantra, James Brown’s anthem, I am black black. So, when February 15th hit I ran across this post “10 Things White People Can Do To Celebrate Black History Month” It is a wonderful list that, quite frankly, should be practised by black people as…

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If you loved me

This Black History Month’s Poetry Submission. If you loved me you’d make me pancakesnot the boxed ones either.Pancakes from scratchI’m not a morning person, but I would be if you love me. If you loved me you’d serve sausage on the sidenot Jimmy DeanBradley’s Famous Smoked SausageI’d never be a vegetarian if you love me. If you loved me you’d start making the grits before anything elsenot instant grits eitherThe ground corn that takes an hour to cook,I’ll buy real butter if you love me. If you loved me I’d wake up to coffee at my nosenot Maxwell house eitherCafe…

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I spent a little time this year writing my thoughts out in my notes app, here are two raw moments. Unfinished yet Eternal Currently serves as the theme for my life. So many things I have encountered and started are unfinished right now. I have not made it nor have I arrived, but I’m pressing forward. “To what?” is the question. Right now I can’t tell you where I’ll be in five years, who I’ll be with, or how much money I will be making. Right now, I am unfinished for sure. Transition isn’t an unusual place for me, but this…

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Before you take the streets. What is your morning practice? What do you get up in the morning and do? Do you read, do you take your time in the shower? Is it the coffee? Can I suggest a practice for us? I would advise everyone to incorporate a Mirror Protest (#MirrorProtest). With all the frustrations we are facing in our country (USA) its very easy to let our pessimism show. It’s easy to dog someone, or share that meme that is derogatory, or express your ‘true’ feelings at the water cooler. An important part of this #MirrorProtest is believing…

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